Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mango Madness

Oh, mangoes. I really like mangoes, but I have never had any success with getting the flesh out of the skin. I had completely given up on mangoes (except of the frozen variety) when I received 2 fresh mangoes in my fruit and vegetable box a couple of weeks ago.

It took me a few days to work up the courage, but ultimately I decided to tackle the mangoes. I googled "how to peel a mango" and discovered a youtube video that showed me exactly how to score the mango flesh and peel it away from the skin. I have to admit that it was almost as easy to do as it looked in the video. Hurrah! I am no longer afraid of mangoes!

I froze the mangoes and used half of them in a smoothie made from the juice of some satsuma oranges that I also received. Katherine drank it really quickly, so it must have been good.

Photo Credit to Celso Diniz,

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