Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Date Night 6: Not Everything is Better With Bacon

For our sixth date date as a part of Project 52: Date Nights, I decided to plan a chocolate taste-testing. I have always wanted to try those fancy chocolate bars, but could never find a reason to spend $5 on a chocolate bar. Now I had my chance!

I picked up four chocolate bars: Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate; Hazelnut & Currant Dark Chocolate; Milk Chocolate with Hickory Smoked Almonds and Sea Salt; and Dark Chocolate with Appelwood Smoked Bacon and Alderwood smoked salt. After doing some research, I chose a Merlot to accompany the chocolate.

We started with the Cherries and & Almonds. It was delicious and had just the right taste of cherries and almond texture while allowing the chocolate to come through. It would also turn out to be the highlight of the taste-testing.

Next, we tried the Hazelnut & Currant. I was really looking forward to this one because Nutella (chocolate and hazelnuts) is one of my favorite foods. However, neither the taste of hazelnuts or almonds came through. Still, the chocolate was good.

Then we tried the Almonds & Sea Salt. Whoa, this was extremely salty. It was overpowering for me, but I'm not a big salt fan. My husband liked it.

Finally, we tried the Bacon & Salt. It was disgusting. Actually, it was beyond disgusting. I haven't been able to eat chocolate since. Bacon does not make everything better. Please, allow my suffering to not be in vain - never, ever eat a bacon chocolate bar.

Although the main focus of our date turned out to be a dud, we ended up playing Trivial Pursuit, which was fun. I'm so glad that our next date night will be a dinner out. Hopefully I can't mess that up too much!


  1. the chocolate tasting sounded fun. although i'm not a chocolate person myself, but i like the idea. and bacon with chocolate? i had never heard of that. now i'll know to never try it. thanks for sharing your date with us!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  2. I'm only two years late reading this post, as I just found it, but it is a good idea. I was at a recruitment event for the sorority I was formerly in, and we did a chocolate fountain with strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, and the like. There were also little pieces of bacon that you could dunk into the fountain. Bacon dipped in chocolate is actually good, but I don't think a bacon chocolate bar would be.