Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What is Your Playground Personality?

Now that spring has arrived, I spend almost every waking moment outside.  At least once a day, I find myself at one of the many parks around Evanston.  I am lucky to live in a town where there are 59 parks with playgrounds.  In a city of 75,000, that is a lot of playgrounds.

With 59 playgrounds, it is not surprising that there are several within walking distance of my house.  However, I find myself returning time and again to the same two parks.  These two parks could not be more different.

First, there is Independence Park.  Independence Park is one of the busiest parks in the city and there are always tons of kids there.  It has a lot of equipment, a sandbox, and swings.  It is directly across the street from the Central Street Shopping District, which is nice if you have any errands to run.  If I feel like being social, Independence Park is the place to go.

On the other hand, if I'm feeling less social, I head to McCulloch Park.  McCulloch Park is wonderful and has a large open field as well as having great playground equipment.  It is also usually deserted.  Sometimes there are older kids playing basketball or playing soccer in the field, but we can generally have the playground equipment to ourselves.  

What are your favorite parks and playgrounds like?  Do you have different parks to suit different aspects of your personality?

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  1. Hello there! I'm meeting pals at a new (to us) playground this afternoon, and in trying to find the location, I stumbled across your blog (it just happens to be McCulloch Park, as I've determined with a little sleuthing).
    Just wanted to say "Cheers!"
    I also transitioned abruptly from 75-hour workweeks to unexpectedly becoming an Evanstonian SAHM and it has been an interesting journey! I, too, am out & about every day, since I have a super-hyper two-year-old son who needs to RUN several times daily, so my blog has eventually evolved to babble about lots of crap, but mostly about being a single mama, reviews of some of my fave parks around Evanston, and postings about free, seasonal kiddie stuff to do! Thought you might enjoy perusing!
    Take care, and I'm sure we'll see ya at Independence since we're always there pre- and post-library visits!