Sunday, January 30, 2011

4/52: Pinkalicious Cupcakes

Pinkalicious Cupcakes, originally uploaded by celabbe.

One of my daughter's favorite characters is Pinkalicious.  Making pink cupcakes is central to the plot of  Pinkalicious and I have intended to make some for months now.  What better time than the present.  My daughter loved mixing the batter, adding the red dye, choosing the cupcake wrappers and anxiously waiting for them to dry.  She loved dying the frosting and especially loved decorating the cupcakes with sprinkles.

I just noticed that a new Pinkalicious book is coming out on Tuesday, Silverlicious.  That might be the perfect present for Valentine's Day!


  1. Love them! We just got that book from the library and it's quickly becoming a favorite!

  2. I just saw that Barnes & Noble is featuring Pinkalicious in their online storytime this month. Katherine is in heaven!