Monday, May 2, 2011

May with Claire

May has always held special place in my heart. I was born in May (have a margarita for me on Cinco de Mayo) and it is the month when true spring arrives in the upper midwest,

I've decided to make May my start of the new year. I love the sense of rebirth that feels like it is permeating my life. I am taking a class with May Flaum at Big Picture Classes entitled May with May in which she provides little bits of creative inspiration every day during May.

The painting pictured above is my creative product from today. I know, it looks like a second-grader painted it, but that is where I am in my learning process and the only way I'll get better is through practice. While taking the Get Your Paint On! class with Mati Rose McDonough and Lisa Congdon, the single biggest thing I learned is that it is okay to suck. I think it is okay to suck, but only if you aren't satisfied with that result.

During May, I intend of practicing my creativity. I apologize if some of it sucks, but hopefully it will all be a little bit better by the time June 1st rolls around.

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